L’Altra – Different Days (CD Review)

Different Days is the third album from Chicago electronic duo L’A’tra, made up of Lindsay Anderson and Joseph Costa. The pair were a couple for seven years but broke up before recording their first album. Even now though, you can hear ther closeness in the soft, emotional music they create.


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Production duties on the album are covered by Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv and string arrangements are handled by Nate Wolcott of Bright Eyes but the focal point of the record is the twin vocals of Anderson and Costa, drifting over the music with lyrics that place their hearts firmly on their sleeves.

It may all sound a bit twee but really this is a finely constructed album that will draw you in and, by the time you hit the centre of the album So Surprise, have you completely hooked.

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Label: Hefty Records
Website: www.heftyrecords.com
Release date: 24th January 2005


  1. Sleepless Night
  2. It Follows Me Around
  3. Better Than Bleeding
  4. Bring On Happiness
  5. So Surprise
  6. Mail Bomb
  7. There Is No
  8. Different Days
  9. Morning Disaster
  10. A Day Between

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