Ladytron – Light & Magic

This is Ladytron’s follow up album to ‘604’ – the critically acclaimed, some even say seminal, debut of 2001. Eschewing the trend towards decamping to New York or Berlin they set off to LA to record with Mickey Petralia (of Beck and Beasties fame). Six months of having been locked away with musical gadgets old and new has resulted in another staggeringly wonderful album.

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Ladytron have a pioneering and avant-garde approach to music that has not been heard since the 1980s New Order. We have East European electronica meeting 80s-esque songwriting genius. ‘Light & Magic’ transports you both back to the dawn of electronica and forward to a future of carefree pop. This is very much the music all those kitsch science fiction shows – you know the ones that flooded the schedules of a Saturday afternoon when you were younger – told us we would be listening to in the year 2000 and beyond.

This collection of songs swings from the dystopian to the blasé with ease. There are no dodgy tracks making up the numbers – From the scene setting opener ‘True Mathematics’, through the painfully catchy ‘Seventeen’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Evil’ and the deliciously geeky ‘Start Up Chime’ and ‘Cracked LCD’ – Ladytron make you wonder why more music cannot be this perfect.

Label : Invicta Hi Fi

Release Date : 18 November 2002

Website : or


  • True Mathmatics
  • Seventeen
  • Flicking Your Switch
  • Fire
  • Turn It On
  • Blue Jeans
  • Cracked LCD
  • Black Plastic
  • Evil
  • Start Up Chime
  • Nuhorizons
  • Cease To Exit
  • Re:Agents
  • Light & Magic
  • The Reason Why
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