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What don’t you know about Kylie? You might not know that Kylie Ann Minogue was born on May 28th 1968 in Melbourne Australia, the first of three children to Autrailian Accountant Ron and Welsh ex-ballerina Carol Minogue. Her little sister Danielle (or Dannii) has had many stabs at stardom but has never reached her sisters fame. Kylie’s little brother Brendon works as a cameraman.

Kylie began as aing a role that Dannii was auditioning for, in ‘The Sullivans’. The role of Karla Kylie to learn to speak in a German accent. From ‘The Sullivans’ she moved on to ‘Skyways’ where she met Jason Donovan.

There was then a gap of a few years where Kylie concentrated on school and worked in a local video shop.

Jumping to 1984, the 16 year old Kylie started acting again this time as Charlotte Kernow in ‘The Henderson Kids’. She saved the money that she made from that gig and eventually used it to get her first demo recoded. Nobody was interested and Kylie cried a lot (Altogether now! Awwwwww).

Kylie graduated in 1985 and landed a couple more acting roles (‘Fame and Fortune’ and ‘Zoo Family’ for those of you who may have heard of them). Originally she was only going to be in the show for twelve weeks but ended up working on the show two and a half years. She was, of course, working alongside Jason Donovan and the pair were the love interest – on and off screen…

‘Neighbours’ was averagely popular in Australia but when it began showing in Britain it really took off. By 1987 Kylie became the youngest ever winner of the Silver logie for the most popular actress in Australia and ‘Neighbours’ was the most popular TV serieen of music as a career after her first attempt flopped. appeared on stage singing ‘No One Is To Blame’ (a Howard Jones cover) with Jason Donovan at an anti-drug concert and shortly afterwards she was approached by Mike Duffy (who worked with , Aitken and Waterman aka SAW) who convinced her to re-record the Little Eva track ‘Locomotion’. topped the Australian charts for 7 weeks and became the biggest selling single of the decade.

Duffy then got SAW to sign Kylie for a five album deal and released ‘Getting Closer’ – a single that flopped so badly it was never released outside Australia. Episode 777 of ‘Neighbours’ saw Kylies departure from the show for England.

There is a story that when Kylie got to England, SAW where so unprepared for her that she had to wait in a hallway while they wrote ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ – Which eventually was released and sold close to 700,000 copies. That single saw Kylie becoming the youngest female artist to have had a British number one, 12 weeks on top of the Japa a plenty (in the UK she won several ‘Record of the Year’, Best Selling ‘ and ‘Best New Artist’ awards). ‘The Locomotion’ was released in the UK and got to number two wha huge hit in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Scandanavia…

A year later she had a run of chart success with hits like ‘Got To Be Certain’, ‘Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi’ and the duet with Jason Donovan ‘Especially For You’. ‘Especially for You’ was accompanied by tabloid rumours of a real life relationship which was denied vigorously, despite being true. ‘Kylie’ the album went in at number one in the UK and eventually went seven times platinum in the UK, selling millions more worldwide.

Kylie followed this in 1989 with ‘Enjoy Yourself’ – including ‘Hand On Your Heart’, ‘Wouldn’t change a thing’, ‘Never too late’ and ‘Tears on my pillow’ – all top 5 singles. ‘Tears on My Pillow’ was also used as the theme for the film ‘The Deliquents’ which Kylie also starred in. December that year Band Aid 2 released ‘Do they Know It’s Christmas’ which Kylie sang on along with such class acts as Cliff Richard, Bros and Lisa Stansfield!

The third album (‘Rhythm of Love’) saw one of many image changes for Kylie, sick of being ‘the girl next door’ she set about building a sexier image. Around this time she began seeing Michael Hutchence (Lead singer in INXS and now sadly departed). Kylie began getting more involved in the songwriting (although SAW refused to let her record any of them). The album spawned four top ten singles (‘Better the devil you know’, ‘Step back in time’, ‘What do I have to do’ and ‘Shocked’). The press invented a battle between Kylie and Dannii (whose debut album came out at the same time). This is despite Dannii featuring in Kylies video (‘What Do I Have To Do’) and Kylie having written a song for Dannii’s album…

Christmas 1991 saw Kylie release a duet with Keith Washington (Who?) called ‘If you were with me now’ – Keith, Kylie and SAW getting the writing credits. The New Year had Kylie doing a cover of the 70’s hit for Chairman of The Board ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’

Stock and Waterman (Aitken has pissed off to do other stuff) relented on the fourth album (‘Let’s Get To It’) and let Kylie assist in writing 6 of the tracks. Kylies five album deal was brought to an end by a greatest hits compilation including a cover of Kool and the Gangs ‘Celebration’.

Kylie then signed to Deconstruction records. It was a mixed year as it saw Kylie release the excellent ‘Confide in Me’ and the very much not excellent ‘Streetfighter’ movie…

Kylie followed up ‘Confide in Me’ with ‘Put yourself in my place’ and ‘Where is the feeling’ from the album ‘Kylie Minogue’ featuring members of M People and the Pet Shop Boys.

In a very odd turn Kylie then hooked up with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’ (Which appeared on the Murderballards album), appeared in the film ‘Bio-Dome’ (a comedy apparently? Has anyone seen it?) and recorded a track called ‘GBI’ with Japanese singer Towa Tei (It was only released in Japan and Australia).

In ’98 Kylie then released another album called ‘Kylie Minogue’ (because the original title ‘Impossible Princess’ was ditched when Di popped her clogs) and three singles from it (‘Did it again’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Cowboy style'[Auatralia only]).

Kylie got very busy in 1999, two Australian films (‘Sample People’, ‘Cut’), a book of photos, and a cover version of the Duranies ‘Reflex’ (with Ben Lee), a duet with Josh ‘Puretone’ Abrahams (‘The Real Thing’); All leading up to the release of ‘Spinning Around’ just after the Millenium and the latest incarnation of Kylie letting her arse do the selling…

At the time of writing this, Kylie has ridden high with ‘Can’t Get You Out of MY Head’ and she is about to take the US by storm…

Kylie Facts!
She is only 5′ 1” tall
The crappy Ananova artificial newsreader that never bloody works has a face that is meant to be half Kylie half Brainbug (Vhictoria Beckham)
Collaborated with Manic Street Preachers for some album tracks
Kylie Minogue has her own lingerie brand

Written, while drunk, by Bobster – The official Kylie Minogue site

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