Kylie for Glasto 07 (hopefully)

Glastonbury man Michael Eavis has revealed he is in regular talks with Kylie Minogue’s people about getting her to headline his 2007 festival. Eavis says he would love Kylie to perform next year if she is up to it health wise – Ms Minogue, of course, had to pull out of her headline slot at last year’s event after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Speaking at the London premiere of the previously reported Julian Temple directed Glastonbury film earlier this week (during which it rained, of course, though there’s not so much mud in Leicester Square), Eavis told reporters: “I speak to her people fairly regularly – they are hopeful. Kylie is coming back hopefully. Her people are quite confident. She wants to do it. I do hope she is fit enough, she really wants to do it. She doesn’t fit the Glastonbury festival image with Neighbours and all that razzmatazz, but her shows are so theatrical they are almost like a circus in a way, which really fits in with Glastonbury.”

On the Glastonbury film, Eavis added: “It’s great. The film is really, really good. It documents 35 years of my life. It’s a good record of what I have been doing and it is great fun, it’s so racy.”

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