Koreisch – This Decaying Schizophrenic Christ Complex (CD Review)

Koreisch are the stuff of hardcore myth and legend. Having formed in Sheffield in the late 90’s, they delighted and disturned those who attended their gigs in equal measure. This album (which now finds itself remastered and reissued on Charger frontman Martin Ives’ Calculated Risk Products) was originally released by Screams Of Salvation in 1999.

Shortly after the album’s original release, life in such an intense band became too much for its members and they split off into two factions, forming new bands, The Kevorkian Solution and Stockton Foster.

Now the band has reformed with a new line up and a new album on the way. This re-release serves as a reminder of (or an introduction to) the extereme and unsettling music this band once gave to the world. After listening to this you will have to reconsider what you regard as dark.

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Label: Calculated Risk Products
Website: www.calculated-risk.co.uk
Release date: 11th October 2004


  1. Justification By Faith
  2. Forced Attrition
  3. Submerged Tao Fixation
  4. A Premonition Of Life’s Erosion
  5. 1 Inch Stab Wound
  6. Caress This Violation
  7. Eclectic Powder Burn
  8. Preordained Incarceration
  9. TKS
  10. Evolution Through Pessimism
  11. Archaicathode Mission
  12. 4000 Years Of Suppressed Dissection
  13. Bleed Like Christ
  14. The Eating Of Food Sacrificed To Idols

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