Kon & Amir/DJ Muro – The Kings Of Diggin’ (CD Review)

The latest in the ‘Kings of…’ series concentrates on those most geeky, persistent and knowledgeable souls that are dedicated crate diggers. No charity shop bin, second hand record store or music fair is missed in their relentless pursuit of gems of forgotten music. This collection has been curated by both Brooklyn’s Kon and Amir on CD one and Japan’s DJ Muro on CD two. Needless to say, due to the nature of the beast I (and I suspect you) have never heard of any of the artists involved.

Kon & Amir have created a Latin infused series of beats and jazz/funk that focuses around the seventies, veering into old cop show style cool, laid back funk and their own drum remixes of various tracks. The overall effect is like an extruded film score that manages to evoke blaxploitation, Havana nights and gritty bars.

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The much more percussive sounds that DJ Muro has chosen are more fun fuelled and energetic experience. The more heavily mixed (I imagine, it is a bit tricky to say as I don’t know the originals) spread of tunes relies on repeated vocal themes, really complex and funky instrumental sections and fruity Latin flair.Where Kon & Amir may be the ones to chill out to they rarely draw the listeners attention,. The complete opposite can be said of DJ Muro who grabs the listener by the hips and forces them to dance with punchy horn sections more iconic sounds.Label : RapsterRelease Date : 10 July 2006

Label Website : www.rapsterrecords.com
Kon & Amir Website : www.myspace.com/konandamir
DJ Muro Website : http://www.avexnet.or.jp/muro/

Tracklisting CD 1

  • Straighten Em Up – Wild Honey
  • Hippy Skippy Moon Strut – Moon People
  • Shako – Cocody’s Men
  • Kool Is Back – LA Mars
  • Rock Steady – LA Mars
  • Spiderlegs – Curson, Ted & Company
  • Menage A Trois – Crewe, Bob Generation
  • Getting Down – Sound Of The City Experience
  • Theme Of The Blackbyrds – Black Exotics
  • Black Water Gold – Gemini Brass
  • Funky Fever – Mitchell, Jay
  • We’re Together – Together (5)
  • I’m A Lady – Heaven Sent & Ecstacy
  • Tapajos – Palmeira
  • Fox – Disco Fox
  • Bi Bi Bi Di Bi Dip Be Happy – Pierce Brothers
  • Come Groove With Me – Marshall, Carl
  • What You Need Is My Love – Rodriguez, Cindy
  • Me Voy Para La Escuela – Verara, Rolando
  • Enyere Kumbara – Con Julian Y Sucombo
  • Return To Spanish Harlem – Middleton, Tony
  • Latin Salsa – Hatchett, Frank
  • Malaguena – Torres, Juan Pablo
  • Watoosi Lucy – GT’s (2)
  • Flip A Coin – World Wonders
  • Soul Limbo – Count Buffalo & His Rock Band
  • Jerking Dog – Crowns
  • Yes It’s Good For You – Taylor, Koko
  • Let The Sun Shine In – Hodge, Harva & The Moodysec
  • Tema De Soninha – IRP-3
  • Don’t Lose What You Got – Franklin, Bobby Insanity
  • Wanna Be A Hero – Megaton
  • Startus – Hatchett, Frank
  • Let’s Take A Break – Wright, Milton
  • RB Groove – Rebirth Seven Original
  • World Of Tomorrow – Telstars
  • Quiet Village – Dome City Rock Orchestra
  • Mighty Gents – Dante, Ron & Peter Link

Tracklisting CD 2

  • In My Life – Cassell, Matthew Larkin
  • Caca A Raposa – Azymuth (1)
  • Take Me With You – Tyrone & Carr
  • A Vida – Uniao Black
  • Babalonia – Marrero, Ricardo
  • Smokey Feeling – Creative Sounds Of The Organisation
  • Queen Of The Highway – Dubois, Janet
  • Simbi – Noel, Henri Pierre
  • Cats Theme – Harmony Cats
  • Metropole – Mariano, Cesar & Cia
  • Feel Good – Jones, J.
  • Vehicle – Wess & The Airedales
  • Dazz – Soul Dazz Band
  • Bim Sala Bim – Hudson County
  • Pay Pay Pay – Master Story Teller
  • Soul Freedom – Ray & His Court
  • Manzara – Makonde, Soseme
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