Kelli Ali – Tigermouth

Three years on from Kelli Ali’s being asked to leave the Sneaker Pimps and she’s back with a solo album. Having left London for Los Angeles in the process the fruits of her labour takes it’s name from a Kung Fu strength point (whatever that is).


The album itself is not the 90’s trip pop that you might have expected from an ex-Pimp. It’s pure pop, often more akin to the Spice Girls or pre-hot pants Kylie than the urban electronica that she was previously known for. The perpetual summer of L.A. has coloured this album thoroughly – it’s easy listening, radio friendly and washes over you without anything memorable occurring.

Label : One Little Indian

Release Date : Out Now

Website :


  • Inferno High Love
  • Teardrop Hittin’ The Ground
  • Keep On Dreaming
  • Angel In LA
  • Here Comes The Summer
  • Fellow Man
  • Sunlight In The Rain
  • Beautiful Boy
  • Queen Of The World
  • Wings In Motion
  • The Infinate Stars
  • Kids

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