Kathryn Williams – Shop Window (CD Review)

‘Shop Window’ is a slice from the immanent album ‘Over Fly Over’ (due May 9th). The song is jauntier that I remember her previous work being while retaining the lyrical darkness within the curiously bright vocals. This has moved into Belle & Sebastian territory, which is no bad place to be, and may result in more people listening to her music but offend the folkie hardcore.

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Since her Mercury nomination a few years ago Kathryn has been consistently producing great songs and this seems to be a sign that that will not stop soon. Kathryn will be touring the UK soon.

Label : Caw Records

Release Date : 25 April 2005

Website : www.kathrynwilliams.net


  • Shop Window
  • Three (lounge mix)
  • Shop Window [VIDEO]

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