Kathryn Williams – Over Fly Over (CD Review)

Kathryn has been a busy bee since her independent album ‘Little Black Numbers‘ was nominated, and was a strong contender, for that years Mercury prize. She became Alan McGee’s ‘favourite female singer bar none’, and worked with people as varied as Pedro (Dakota Oak, Prefuse 73, Twisted Nerve), Badmarsh and Shri and John Martin. Then there was the covers album (‘Relations‘) that saw reworkings of Ivor Cutler and Pavement amongst others.

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‘Over Fly Over’ has more composition than previous albums, mainly because the other musicians were around during the whole rehearsal and not invited in specially for their spots. The effect is to provide a greater depth of sound that doesn’t detract from Kathryn herself, but enhances the whole album. A greater degree of experimentation and broadening of style has worked it’s way in since ‘Little Black Numbers’ as in the subdued rock guitars of ‘Three’ or the heavy drumming and to and fro between guitar and cello in ‘Just Like A Birthday’.

This is not simply another singer-songwriter album; it has much more to offer than that, ‘Over Fly Over’ is full of surprises and unexpected turns, with bubbly jauntiness and mellow introspection.

Label : CAW

Release Date : 09 May 2005

Website : www.kathrynwilliams.net


  • Three
  • Indifference #1
  • Breath
  • Old Low Light #2
  • Just Like A Birthday
  • Shop Window
  • Beachy Head
  • Escaping
  • City Streets
  • Untilt The Dark
  • Baby Blues
  • Full Colour

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