Karine Polwart – Scribbled In Chalk (CD Review)

Accomplished Scottish trad folk star Karine Polwart is releasing her third (I believe) album, called ‘Scribbled In Chalk’. It is everything you would expect from a traditional folk album – Karine sings sweetly and strums melodically. There is a richness to the production on the album giving a full sound, always centred about the vocals, that tends to make the album sound very samey throughout.

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I think the power that should be in these songs would be expressed fully live – where the energy will be concentrated around Karine’s performance. This not a bad album at all. It’s problem is that it can too easily drop back to being ambient music that doesn’t hold the attention of the listener.

Label : Spit & Polish

Release Date : 10 April 2006

Website : www.karinepolwart.com


  • Hole In The Heart [4:48]
  • I’m Gonna Do It All [4:56]
  • Daisy [3:27]
  • Maybe There’s A Road [4:17]
  • Where The Smoke Blows [3:16]
  • Holy Moses [4:30]
  • Don’t Know Why [4:39]
  • Take Its Own Time [3:45]
  • I’ve Seen It All [3:22]
  • Baleerie Baloo [3:27]
  • Terminal Star [4:38]
  • Follow The Heron [3:11]

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