Juana Molina – Tres Cosas (CD Reviews)

After taking a job to raise money for guitar lessons, Juana Molina accidentally became Argentina’s best-loved TV comedian. Seven years later she returned to her first love of music and recorded her debut album, Rara.

In 1998, Juana decided to turn her back on her considerable celebrity in Argentina and relocated to Los Angeles. It was here that she recorded her second album, Segundo. With this album came high acclaim, a number of awards and some celebrity fans (David Byrne personally invited her to support him on tour).

There has been a gap of six years since Segundo but now Juana Molina, having moved back to Buenos Aires, returns with a new album, Tres Cosas (Three Things). This album has fewer layers than it predecessor. Intentionally, Junan has stripped back the songs to just vocals and guitar, with occasional keyboards from Alejandro Franor.

The songs on this album are very open, perfectly understanding the effective use of space in music. Molina’s voice and guitar playing are impeccable and the fact that I have no idea what she’s singing about (my Spanish isn’t up to much) only adds to the beauty and intrigue.

This album is a joy to listen to and deserves pride of place in anyone’s collection.

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Label: Domino
Website: www.juanamolina.com
Release date: 13th September 04


  1. No Es Tan Cierto
  2. El Cristal
  3. Sálvese Quién Pueda
  4. ¡Uh!
  5. Tres Cosas
  6. Yo Sé Que
  7. Isabel
  8. Lamba Corta
  9. Sólo Su Voz
  10. Cúrame
  11. Filter Taps
  12. El Progreso
  13. Insensible

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