John Cale – blackAcetate (CD Review)

John Cale should need no introduction, from his time in The Velvet Underground to his work as a producer (including Nico, Squeeze, Patti Smith, The Stooges and Sham 69) and as a solo artist. In ‘blackAcetate’ he has created a collection of songs that are beautifully and brilliantly crafted. From the raw guitars , the rawness of his own voice, the heavy pounding of drums and the use of passionate strings as well as appropriating elements of genres into his own style including some hip hop, house, ethereal electronica, blues rock, funk and folk; all in a subtle and perfectly chosen fashion.

Buy blackAcetate from
Buy blackAcetate from

The songs are uncluttered and powerful and John Cale uses silence as effectively as noise to build drama and intensity. From the rocking ‘Perfect’ (which is to be the next single), through the funk fuelled ‘Hush’ to the ghostly ‘Wasteland’ this collection of songs covers all the bases without distrupting the feel of the album as a whole. If you miss this album then you’ll be denying yourself one of the great musical treats of the year.

Label : EMI

Release Date : 03 October 2005

Website :


  • OuttaTheBag
  • ForARide
  • Brotherman
  • Satisfied
  • InAFlood
  • Hush
  • GravelDrive
  • Perfect
  • Sold-Motel
  • Woman
  • Wasteland
  • TurnTheLightsOn
  • Mailman (TheLyingSong)

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