Joan As Policewoman – Joan As Policewoman EP

Joan Wasser is currently a member of Mercury winners Anthony & The Johnsons and Rufus Wainwright’s band, plus she has spent much of her adult life playing with everyone from Lou Reed To the Scissor Sisters. Adopting the name Joan As Policewoman for her solo work, she returns to the UK this month with this mini-album.

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  • Kicking off with one of my favourite singles from last year My Gurl, Joan shows off an amazing voice with more than enough songwriting talent to back it up. Mixing jazz, folk, R&B and punk these six songs are simply stunning, particularly the abovementioned My Gurl and Stagger Into The Light.

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    Label: Reveal Records
    Release date: 13th March 2006


    1. My Gurl
    2. Prime Mover
    3. Stagger Into The Light
    4. Game Of Life
    5. How Come You’re So Solid Gold?
    6. Could It Still Be Tonight?

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