Jeniferever – Choose A Bright Morning (Drowned In Sound Recordings)

Yet another reminder that the shoegazing revival is now in full flow,
Jeniferever are a world, if not universe, away from the Sheffield puke indie
of the Artless Munters, or the East London cretin rock scene of Pete Doherty
and Co that the record buying kids gullibly lap up these days. Pointless yet
customary insults dispensed with, let’s get onto the sordid business of
describing the music, shall we? Lovingly packaged, to match a delicately
curated sound, Jeniferever discreetly mine some Goth influences (check those
guitar curlicues), but the colour here is not black, instead screaming of a
pure white expanse. One thinks of windswept, beautiful snowy landscapes when
hearing this, which is hardly a surprise, considering the band are from
Scandinavia, home of all things glacial, windswept and epic, and especially
when you think how brilliantly Sigur Ros’ ‘Hoppipolla’ has been used to
soundtrack trailers for BBC1’s ‘Planet Earth’. Whilst it lacks the emotional
punch of music made by their influences (Slowdive, Ride, The Cure), it more
than holds its own against some of the lifeless post-rock drudgery (that’s
right Mogwai, I’m talking about you) that this music gets lumped in with
today. Enjoyably moody, if not actually essential, this is hopefully a
marker for even better things to come. MS (CMU)

Release date: 20 Mar

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