Jean Michel Jarre – Aero (CD Review)

As one of the most successful exponents of electronic music ever (you disagree? He has sold over 60 million albums you know) and a creator of some of the most spectacular live events ever staged, respect is due. Aero sees Jarre take apart some of his best known songs and reassemble them in 5.1 stereo giving an extra dimension and depth to the recordings.

There are three new songs on the album, the sampler I have contains ‘Aerology’ which has the classic JMJ mix of early house, new age and pop.


By Aero from Amazon

For those of you with a mountain of air miles to burn and a hankering to see what will surely be a brilliant laser show should head to Beijing for October 10th where Mr Jarre will be performing.

Label : Warner

Release Date : 20 September 2004

Website :


  • Aero Opening (Scene 1)
  • Oxygene 2 (Scene 2)
  • Aero
  • Equinoxe 8 (Band in the rain)
  • Oxygene 4 (Scene 3)
  • Souvenir Of China (Scene 4)
  • Aerology (Scene 5)
  • Equinoxe 3 (Scene 6)
  • Equinoxe 4 (Scene 7)
  • Last Rendez-Vous (Scene 8)
  • Zoolookology (Scene 9)
  • Aerozone (Scene 10)
  • Magnetic Fields 1 (Scene 11)
  • Chronology 6
  • Rendez-Vous 4 (Live Version)

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