Jah Wobble – Mu

Following on from last year’s I Could Have Been A Contender anthology come Jah Wobble’s first new album since 1994’s Take Me To God.

Mu features ten tracks of what Wobble calls “zen dub”. That is, a mix of dub, electro and dance drawing on various influences from around the world, from Scotland to India.

Originally recorded in 5.1 and later cut back to standard stereo so that more than four people would ever listen to it the album still pushed those 2 channels to their limits, with sounds spread as far around the mix as possible. This attention to sound design is a large part of what makes Mu so good.

Of course, you can mix songs as well as you like but something crap will always be so, no matter how well you mix it. Samsara is the album’s hardest track with pounding beats, slithering bass and a spiritual message in its lyrics. It’s also the point at which the album really draws you in. Further high points come with the album’s title track – a kind of Celtic dub instrumental – and Buddha Of Compassion, which begins as a string-drenched track with vocoder vocals and gradually moves through various stages and styles of world music.

Call it what you want – zen dub, world dance, chill out – the only thing you need to know really is that this album is good.

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Label: Trojan
Website: www.sanctuaryrecords.co.uk
Release date: 12th September 2005


  1. Viking Funeral
  2. Universal Dub
  3. Samasara
  4. Kojak Dub
  5. Mu
  6. Buddha Of Compassion
  7. New Mexico Dub
  8. Love Comes/Love Goes
  9. Softwear
  10. Into The Light

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