Iommi – Fused (CD Review)

Greasy, loud, hairy, apocalyptic metal anyone? Iommi, aka Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes, have a whole album of amp-blowing guitars and ear-splitting solos that reek classic metal in every bass-heavy chugg. No it isn’t innovative (It would cease to be metal if it was). No, it isn’t subtle (ditto). But it is anthemic and undeniably powerful.

Buy Fused from

Buy Fused from

Check out the Sanctuary Records microsite to hear ‘Fused’ now!

Label : Sanctuary

Release Date : 11 July 2005

Website :


  • Dopamine
  • Wasted Again
  • Saviour Of The Real
  • Resolution Song
  • Grace
  • Deep Inside A Shell
  • What You’re Living For
  • Face Your Fear
  • The Spell
  • I Go Insane

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