Inhumanz – Hell To Pay

Okay, just so we’re all on the same page, I’m going to start this off assuming you know little or nothing about bootleg cut-ups. Basically, this is a form of musical creation where you take the vocals from one track and lay it over the music of another.

This has been happening for a while now with the most high-profile example being Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, which took the vocals from The Black Album by Jay-Z and laid them over tracks created with samples extracted from The White Album by The Beatles – though this is not the best example as Danger Mouse did create new musical tracks.

Many DJ’s have gained high profile exposure after tracks they’ve made have spread through the internet and many budding bedroom producers have seen this as an easy way to make it big. Those of you who have wasted minutes of your life downloading and listening to track with vocals that are out of time and out of tune will know that this is often not the case.

A track that has been doing the rounds with great success is 50 Inch Nails by Inhumanz, which marries the vocals from In Da Club by 50 Cent with Closer by Nine Inch Nails. This is a great example of what a good cut-up should be, two recognisable songs cut together to make something that works well as a song in its own right. And it is because of the skill displayed on this track that I was filled with a warm glow when I discovered that Inhumanz have made an entire album.

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  • Inhumanz comprise four members – Create, Warren Peace, Mirykel and DJ Destroyer – who have hit upon the winning idea of mixing hip hop and rock. Well you can’t really go wrong with that, can you (actually, trust me, you can) but it’s not often you find 15 cut-ups in one place of this quality. There’s only one slightly ropey moment on the album – Eminem’s Lose Yourself doesn’t quite fit over the chorus of Kashmir by Led Zepplin – but the rest is perfect.

    The tracks that work best are 50 Inch Nails, Magic Stroke (Lil Kim feat. 50 Cent – Magic Stick and Billy Squier – The Stroke), the two Metallica tracks, Neva Roam (Wherever I May Roam with Bonecrusher – Neva Scared) and Frantic Bia (Frantic with Lil Jon – Bia Bia) and the fantastically funky 21 Questions of Fame (50 Cent – 21 Questions and David Bowie – Fame) thought there are plenty of instant classic for bootleg fans.

    Not only to these tracks work as songs in their own right, this whole album stands up on its own. This is not a novelty, this is remixing at its best.

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    Label: Traffic Entertainment Group
    Release date: Out now


    1. Satanik Intro
    2. 50 Inch Nails (50 Cent/Nine Inch Nails)
    3. Kashmir Yourself (Eminem/Led Zeppelin)
    4. Shoot The War Pigs (Nas/Black Sabbath)
    5. Back In The Episode (Dr Dre/Snoop Dogg/AC/DC)
    6. Magic Stroke (Lil Kim/50 Cent/Billy Squier)
    7. Neva Roam (Bonecrusher/Metallica)
    8. Frantic Bia (Lil Jon/Metallica)
    9. Say Hello Last Time (Clipse/Interpol)
    10. Suck Up (Ludacris/Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    11. Pass That Can (Missy Elliott/Can)
    12. We Will Wanksta (50 Cent/Queen)
    13. 21 Questions Of Fame (50 Cent/David Bowie)
    14. Led Gon Give It To Ya (DMX/Led Zeppelin)
    15. Wizard Storm (Mobb Deep/Black Sabbath)
    16. Dirt Off Your Sober (Jay-Z/Tool)

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