Infinite Livez – Bush Meat

Vinnie Tiefilz, former art student, sometime comic book writer and video game designer was one day accidentally bathed in the milk of a glamour model and transformed into the world?s latest superhero, Infinite Livez. Except it?s not even that simple; because the real brains behind the operation is a one eyed red teddy bear called Barry Convex.

This is not you’re average hip hop album.

Worcester Sauce is the first track to arouse suspicion but the message that all you need to do to become a successful rapper is to send Infinite Livez £15 a month and eat more crisps is plausible enough as a tongue in cheek dig. Then comes The Adventures Of The Lactating Man and all the evidence you need is there; the tale of a man who produces so much milk that he floods the British Isles begins a journey through tracks about sperm (White Wee Wee), men cheating on their wives with monkeys (Drilla Ape) and selling art made out of elephant dung to rich people (okay, that really happened).

What makes this album something that you’ll return to is that it doesn’t fall into the trap that it so easily could and let the comedy overtake the music. It?s not comedy throughout either; things do get more serious at times. Infinite Livez record company, Big Dad, reckon that “Bush Meat is like 3 Feet High & Rising on very, very, very bad acid.” I’d go with that.

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Label: Big Dada
Websites: |
Release date: 24th May 2004


  • They R Comin (Feat. Barry Convex)
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • The Forest Spirit Sings The Bush Meat Song
  • The Adventures Of The Lactating Man
  • Claati Bros (Feat. Sir Ster)
  • White Wee Wee
  • Brown Nosh (Feat. The Bouncement Queen)
  • Drilla Ape (Feat. Barry Convex, Marmoset & Mrs Convex)
  • Routine Stop & Search
  • Coco Pilots (Feat. Defisis)
  • Cock ‘n’ Roll
  • Suck Krill (Feat. Miko)
  • UK Krap
  • Tek Fi Joke (feat. Shadowless)
  • Spade Invaders (Feat. Alpha Prhyme)
  • Pononee Girl
  • Propa Ill (Feat. Gandhi Warhol)
  • Last Night
  • Nutta’s Chance
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