Iain Archer – Flood The Tanks

‘Flood The Tanks’, which includes contributions from The Amazing Pilots, Jacob Golden and Snow Patrol (returning the favour for the work Iain has done on their latest album), is a quality piece of work. Iain has developed a clear, honed and delicate sound of his own. The album is a gentle work of folk rock, not in the Nick Drake Vein but instead in the more modern rolling style, like acoustic versions of harder tracks. The sound created has the mellowness of Mojave 3. There are times that the notes, be they sung or played, on each of the eleven songs on the album, hang deliciously in the air.

The album contains Iain’s most recent single ‘Boy Boy Boy’ as well as other gems like the lively ‘Summer Jets’, the bluesy lo-fi ‘I Wasn’t Drinking But You Got Me Drunk’ and the departure into a more electronic sound of ‘That One You Always Do’. Iain Archer clearly has real talent; it would be a crime for him not to go far.

Label : Bright Star Recordings/PIAS

Release Date : 03 May 2004

Website : www.iainarcher.com


  • Pressure Drop
  • Running In Dreams
  • Boy Boy Boy
  • Not Yourself
  • Does This Have A Name
  • Summer Jets
  • I Wasn’t Drinking But You Got Me Drunk
  • A Few Conclusions
  • The Shadow
  • That One You Always Do
  • Bonus track

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