I Walk The Line – Badlands

Website : iwalktheline.org
Label : bosstuneage.com
Label : fireinsidemusic.com
Release Date : Out now
Rating : +++

If you’re in a punk band it must be a cool thing to have no less than two people called Antti in your line-up. At this stage in my life, I Walk The Line (who come from Finland thus accounting for the unusual names) are the only band I can think of who can proclaim this.

Recorded in six days last December, this is a tight and energetic collection of 10 punk rock tunes. Vocalist Ville sounds a bit like Joe Strummer, though it often sounds like he’s forcing his voice to do so, which is a bit off-putting. Also, the chorus of Barren Fields sounds almost identical to Holiday by Weezer. These criticisms aside, Badlands is pretty good and worth checking out. (AM)

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