Howie Beck – Howie Beck (CD Review)

Canadian singer songwriter Howie Beck has recorded his first new material in five years to include in his latest album. The eponymous collection is a lavishly produced and melody fuelled affair. The intimacy of the lyrics and the ease with which they appear to be sung create an enveloping air of emotion.

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The heart string tugging strings on tracks like ‘How Do You Feel’ are almost too lavish and the general tone of the album is like David Poe and quite a few other male singer songwriters. It is a style that you either love or loathe. Howie Beck sometimes takes it a bit far and the songs can seem lost in an overproduced assault of elements. Despite that there interesting tracks that make up for it and are worth enjoying.

Label : Ever

Release Date : 13 February 2006

Website :

Video Stream : Sometimes


  • Alice [2:20]
  • Sometimes (she’s so far in) [4:02]
  • My Low [2:35]
  • Zombie Girl [3:58]
  • Don’t Be Afraid [2:27]
  • The Books Beside Her Bed [2:17]
  • How Do You Feel [3:55]
  • We Waited [3:22]
  • Everybody Sold Out [3:23]
  • Please [3:04]
  • I Need Light [3:18]
  • Floating [4:07]
  • Lay Down [5:32]

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