Hothouse Flowers – Your Love Goes On

Pop is great. Pop is a mass of ephemera thrown up by the legion of pop stars all over the world, there are some real gems created within. Sadly, this is not a bright, sparkly and beautiful jewel. It is a rather dull Eighties folk-pop number.

The Hothouse Flowers have not let time change them. If you can remember ‘Don’t Go’, or maybe even ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ and ‘Give It Up’, then you’ll know exactly what is in store. The vocals are strained and given a cod worthiness, the backing is lame and unexciting and the fact that the Dublin Gospel Choir are on backing vocals has added little to the proceedings. This is the first single to be taken from the fifth studio album by Hothouse Flowers. The album, ‘Into Your Heart’, is to be released on the 8th March.

Label : Rubyworks

Release Date : 1 March 2004

Website :


  • Your Love Goes On
  • Learning To Walk
  • The Making Of Us All

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