Hothouse Flowers – Into Your Heart

It has been a long seven years since the last studio release by the Hothouse Flowers. I can’t claim to have missed them all that much. The fans will no doubt be glad to know that their brand of folksy Irish rock has survived mostly intact. Primarily, this is a collection of torch songs and downbeat ballads. ‘Into Your Heart’ has a quiet, worthy, and very eighties vibe about it. What the album is missing is anything interesting. This is a musical ghost; it passes without trace leaving only a slightly bored sensation behind it.

The songs that stand out do so only relatively and because they break the uniformity somehow. There is ‘Tell Me’ which adopts a very prominent rhythm and blues theme (and vocals that remind me of Chaz n Dave), and ‘Sí Do Mhamó Í’ which is a live recording. Neither of these are really worth writing home about.

Hothouse Flowers are touring at present.

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Label : Rubyworks

Release Date : 15 March 2004

Website :


  • Your Love Goes on
  • The End of The Road
  • Hallelujah
  • Tell Me
  • Better man
  • Peace Tonight
  • Santa Monica
  • Feel Like Living
  • Baby I Got You
  • Alright
  • Magic Bracelets
  • Out Of Nowhere
  • Sí Do Mhamó Í

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