Hot Hot Heat – Make Up The Breakdown

Hot on the heels of ‘Bandages’, which is sadly suffering from war related sensitivities of radio and TV stations, comes the debut LP ‘Make Up The Breakdown’. The album is punk in the same way that The Only Ones, Elvis Costello or Tom Robinson gets called punk. Hot Hot Heat are the pop end of the punk spectrum, no spitting or aggressive 3 chord, brain splitting barrages of noise. Rather, Steve Bays gives us his melodic crooning and energetic hollering to the blend of pop punk, rock and ska provided by his band mates. He has the voice you would expect from a child of Robert Smith and Elvis Costello after they joined the Raelians for some cloning experiments.

What makes Hot Hot Heat special is the wordplay used in the lyrics, the lose and easy guitars punctuated by vintage keyboards and the uplifting energy throughout. ‘Make Up The Breakdown’ is sure to be heard throughout the summer, and you’ll definitely be dancing to it.

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Label : Sub Pop / b-unique

Release Date : Out Now

Website :


  • Naked In The City Again
  • No, Not Now
  • Get In Or Get Out
  • Bandages
  • Oh, Goddamnit
  • Adeva
  • This Town
  • Talk to Me, Dance With Me
  • Save Us S.O.S.
  • In Cairo

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