Hondo Maclean – Unspoken Dialect

Having cut their teeth with two EP releases and a hell of a lot of touring, the time has come for Hondo Maclean to release their debut album. They may be part of the Welsh metal invasion but you shouldn’t let that form any preconceptions, this is not going to be what you expect.

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  • The songs on this album do feature elements of the smoothly produced, sweetly sung songs that many bands tout around these days but Unspoken Dialect draws in influences from elsewhere too. There’s a lot of death metal intensity filling the CD, and it’s this that really knocks you sideways the first time Keithie’s Done Himself A Mischief kicks in. In contrast, there are a number of quieter, more atmospheric moments, like Amphibian Kiss.

    Unspoken Dialect is a fantastic debut and with a step off the starting blocks like this, Hondo Maclean not only show the necessary criteria to get much bigger but also look like they could stand the longevity test.

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    Label: Mighty Atom
    Website: www.hondomaclean.com
    Release date: 28th February 2005


    1. Keithie’s Done Himself A Mischief
    2. Don’t Stop….Rodeo!!
    3. Don’t Forget To Feed The Fish
    4. Weightless
    5. A Song For The Elvis Impersonator
    6. Yeah Girl, You Said It!
    7. Blinding Lightshows & Bad Clothes Dress Codes
    8. Amphibian Kiss
    9. Intensity In 10 Cities
    10. Mortal Kombat
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