Hollywood Ending – Praying To Fiction (CD Review)

Hollywood Ending’s debut album will bring joy to the ears of many. The sounds on Praying To Fiction have been put together for maximum impact and intensity, taking the best bits from post-harcore and metal. Parts have been lifted straight out of the songs of other bands (Deftones are a big influence, I’d say) but overall the music hits all the right spots.

Praying To Fiction should cement Hollywood Ending’s place in today’s UK rock scene and probably the world too, if they can make it that far.

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Label: Mighty Atom
Website: www.mightyatom.com
Release date: 20th September 2004


  1. New Day Rising
  2. Fall To Pieces
  3. 25/17
  4. Praying To Fiction
  5. Dry Ink
  6. Smiling Daisies, Crashing Skies
  7. You To Myself
  8. Angel Town Part 2
  9. Pillars Of Autumn
  10. Truth
  11. Beginning Of The Middle

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