Hellogoodbye – Hellogoodbye EP

Named after something Screech said un the Hawaii episode of Saved By The Bell, Hellogoodbye are, as you might expect, a little silly at times. With upbeat punk tunes featuring “old Nintendo” synth sounds, this EP comes at you from all sides and puts the band straight on the map.

On Jesse Buy Nothing… Go To Prom Anyways, with lyrics listed only as “unintelligible German screaming,” the band actually provide a song used by keyboard player Jesse Kurvink to ask a girl to the prom. The vocals aren’t in German or entirely unintelligible but they do involve a lot of screaming. I don’t know if it worked or not but the thought is definitely there.


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Conversely, Dear Jamie… Sincerely Me is a touching ballad that builds to a raucous crescendo and sets in your mind that Hellogoodbye are definitely not a joke band.

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Label: Drive-Thru
Website: www.hellogoodbye.net
Release date: 7th March 2005


  1. Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
  2. Call N’ Return
  3. Bonnie Tyler Shakedown… 2K1
  4. Jesse Buy Nothing… Go To Prom Anyways
  5. Dear Jamie… Sincerely Me
  6. Bonnie Tyler Shakedown… 2K4
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