Head Of Femur – Ringodom Or Proctor

Head of Femur, who take their name from the precise instructions given to cameramen filming Elvis while trying to avoid filming his gyrations, are a curiously engaging combination of West Coast harmonies and off-kilter rock. ‘Ringodom Or Proctor’ has similarities to The Fiery Furnaces and The Hidden Cameras; taking the freeform nature of the first and the harmony of the second.

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This results in an interesting album that is full of surprises without being so ‘out there’ as to be unlistenable. The spirit and jauntiness of the songs are there to carry you through and make you listen again and again.

Label : Truck Records

Release Date : 06 September 2004

Website : www.headoffemur.com


  • January On Strike
  • Curve That Byrd
  • Yeoman Or Tinker
  • 80 Steps To Jonah
  • Me, My Dad, My Cousin, And…Ronnie
  • Acme:The Summit Of A Mountain
  • The True Wheel
  • Money Is The Root…
  • Science Needed A Medical Man
  • Finally I’ve Made It Nowhere
  • The Car Wore A Halo Hat

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