Hayley Hutchinson – Independently Blue

The daughter of John Hutchinson, a former member of David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars (and guitarist on many of Bowie’s early demos), Hayley originally released her debut album herself last year. It was subsequently picked up on Radio 2 by Terry Wogan, which brought the CD to the attention of Gut Records, who picked it up for a re-release.

Her sombre folk songs have brought her comparisons to Sheryl Crow and Joni Mitchell, praise that is not unfounded. Though completely self-funded, this recording stands up against any of the current major label singer-songwriters, even surpassing many of them (I’m talking about you James Blunt).

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  • Tracks like the opening track and single Here’s The Love and the beautifully restrained but hugely powerful Fall Down show off a great talent that many people in Hutchinson’s home town of York will tell you is not a new discovery, notably Chris Helme and Stuart Fletcher of The Seahorses and Alan Leach and Fraser Smith from Shed Seven who, along with Hayley’s dad, appear on many of the songs on Independently Blue.

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    Label: Gut Records
    Website: www.hayleyhutchinson.com
    Release date: 1st August 2005


    1. Here’s The Love
    2. Climb Through
    3. Independently Blue
    4. Find Myself Lost
    5. Minor Key
    6. I Have To Say I Love You
    7. Fall Down
    8. Deadman
    9. Hands
    10. Say My Goodbyes
    11. Wicked Thoughts
    12. Happy Endings

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