Guttermouth – Eat Your Face

The basic idea that makes Guttermouth what they are is that everyone else in punk is far too nice and doesn’t cause enough trouble. This idea has served them well for the last ten years and they show now sign of letting up any time soon – on Eat Your Face they set about annoying everyone from trendy punks to politicised punk to newbie surfers to anyone with children (or is offended by songs about killing them) to, well, anyone who’s left.

Basically, you’re either with them or they’re against you.

It’s all done with the darkest of humour and fast, hard punk, making Guttermouth sort of like Blink 182’s unruly older brother – the one that no one invites to family functions. This is probably wise because when they’re not alienating most of the world’s population they’re singing about drinking to excess (which probably catches them a few more enemies on the way).

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Listen out on Hot Dog To The Head and Second DUI for what are possibly the worst Johnny Rotten impressions you will ever hear.

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Label: Epitaph

Release date: 12th July 2004


  • Party Of Two (Your Table Is Ready)
  • Surfs Up Asshole
  • Octopus Hairpiece
  • Wasted Lives
  • The Next Faux Mohican
  • Season
  • Second DUI
  • My Neighbour’s Baby
  • Gudalahabra (The La Habra Spirit)
  • NRAA
  • I Read It On A Bathroom Wall In Reno
  • Ticket To Quebec
  • Hot Dog To The Head (A Hot Dog Is A Food Not A Penis So Get It Right Or Pay The Price)
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