Graham Coxon – Happiness In Magazines

Having made the break from Blur, Graham Coxon decided that his fifth solo album should be done properly. Not that the previous four were bad, far from it, but they were generally written and recorded very quickly, self-produced and done mainly as a bit of fun outside his day job. This time Coxon has brought on board Stephen Street to produce that stands up to its working title of No More Mr Lo-fi.

Fans will be pleased to know that the elements that make his earlier work so great are all still there; the sharp song writing ability; the eclectic repertoire; and the feeling that this music was made simply because its writer wanted to make it. Only this time it’s glossier and Coxon seems to have grown in confidence – even releasing singles for the first time.

It seems that “doing it properly” has been the right decision as this album is Graham Coxon’s best to date, smooth and shiny enough to win him over new fans but not so far from what we already know as to lose him any older fans. This is everything you could ever want.

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Label: Transcopic/EMI
Release date: 17th May 2004


  • Spectacular
  • No Good Time
  • Girl Done Gone
  • Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery
  • All Over Me
  • Freakin? Out
  • People Of The Earth
  • Hopeless Friend
  • Are You Ready
  • Bottom Bunk
  • Don?t Be A Stranger
  • Ribbons & Leaves

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