Gomez to release new single : Sweet Virginia

“This fourth record [Split The Difference] sees a switch to a more direct, punchy, live sound, relying on three-minute songs filled with catchy melodies, strong lyrics, and the classically simple power of bass, guitar, drums and vocals..” – Independent

On 6 September Gomez will release Sweet Virginia, the third single to be taken from their excellent fourth album, Split the Difference.

Sweet Virginia features Tom Gray on vocals. It’s a swampy ballad of subtle beauty, in the vain of classic Gomez songs Tijuana Lady and We Haven’t Turned Around. It features a string arrangement scored and recorded by an Australian friend of the band, known as Naomi Radom. “The girl who did it is an absolute nutcase,” says Ian Ball. “Totally wired off her head, but she knows a lot of classical music.”


Gomez recorded and produced ‘Split the Difference‘ themselves in their own purpose built studio in the dreary Sussex town of Portslade, only recruiting producer Tchad Blake, (Tom Waits, Crowded House) to help “beef up the record, and provide a rockier edge”. The result? A straight-forward (in Gomez terms) down the line rock ‘n’ roll album, oozing layer upon layer of bluesy rock riffs, and trademark vocal harmonies.

Following their recent Glastonbury appearance, Gomez have just begun a 28 date tour of Canada and the US, taking in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, LA, Detroit, New York, Washington, Atlanta and many more. The band will return home and head out on a UK tour in November- details to be announced shortly.

Sweet Virginia will be released on 6 September and will be available on CD and 7″. Both will come b/w new song Royalty. The CD will also include new song Champagne For Monkeys and Bed Hairdo, previously only available as a download.

Split the Difference (CDHUT84) is out now.
More information on the band: www.gomez.co.uk

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