Glen Matlock & The Philistines – On Something (CD Review)

Glen Matlock, as I’m sure you already know (and if you don’t it’s off to bed with no dinner), was the original bass player in The Sex Pistols. He wrote all their best songs before they kicked him out for liking the Beatles, so furthering their movements towards the band’s collapse.

Since then Glen has performed with The Rich Kids, Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, The Spectres and The Vicious White Kids (with his Sex Pistols replacement, Sid Vicious) and since 1996 he has recorded three solo albums (this being the third).


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So, what is on offer from the man who wrote songs like Anarchy In The UK and Pretty Vacant? Well, let’s just say his talent for writing genre defining and youth inspiring tunes has left him.

Mostly, On Something is a mix of Bruce Springsteen and pub rock. Occasionally it sinks to the depths of the Minder theme tune (OK Kiddo) and Chris Rea (Suck It And See). It’s throwaway, completely forgettable and totally uninspiring. Steer well clear of this one.

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Label: Liberty/EMI
Release date: 4th October 2004


  1. Piece Of The Action
  2. Be Somebody
  3. OK Kiddo
  4. White Knuckle Ride
  5. On Something
  6. Suck It And See
  7. Playboy Blues
  8. On The Horizon
  9. Kooky Animal
  10. Whose Side Are You On?
  11. Better Start (Getting Used To It)
  12. The Swanker

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