Girls On Top – Ovulater

Girls On Top are Vivki de Vice, Amanda Pukon, Liddy Lustre and token bloke Niel Downe. Girls On Top are also possibly the best perversely funny, vulgar, glam punk metal girl (and a bloke) group I’ve heard in a long, long time. Imagine if the Corrs lost it, went on an extreme hedonist bender fuelled by heavy metal, classic punk and probably tequilla, started dressing to shock while competing for the sexual perversion of the year award – AND – you noticed there was a bloke in the band.

After the innocent nursery rhyme intro of ‘Slugs and Spice‘ you are suddenly transported into the sordid world of G.O.T. with the buzzsaw guitars of ‘Fuckhead‘. As you may have guessed from the title ‘Fuckhead‘ is a swearfest of dissaproval with boys who don’t make make the grade in the sack. This lot have little patience for timid wallflowers and shyness is a dirty word. They are upfront and explicit about what they want. But it’s not all happy shagging on Planet G.O.T. as we get to the X-Ray Spex inspired ‘Head in the Oven‘. An angry tale of depression that is one of the best tracks on the album.

There are no shortage of highpoints here as you also get the fantasticly funny cautionary tale ‘He’s Been Around‘ a rocking gender reversal against man-slags. A Shangri Las go mental singlalong that you’ll be humming for weeks. More well known is ‘Barbie is a Smackhead‘ – The excellent cult classic that Mattels lawyers probably won’t be pursueing since they recently lost their case against the now defunct Aqua (arf!). It’s wilfully sleazy and devilishly funny with a great blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed punk chorus.

More fun than you can shake a 12″ dildo at! Pure punk caberet.

Label : Riverside Records

Release Date : Out Now

Website : or


  • Slugs and Spice
  • Fuckhead
  • Head in the Oven
  • International Menu
  • He’s Been Around
  • Barbie is a Smackhead
  • Trainee Sexgod
  • Twisted Mind
  • Get Vicious
  • Mess
  • I’m Wonderful
  • Monsta Baby
  • Auto pilot
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