GigCast#1 – The Sand Creek Massacre (MP3)

Welcome to the first Betweenplanets Gig Podcast (or GigCast). I met up with the up and coming Reading band The Sand Creek Massacre for a chat before their appearance on stage at the legendary After Dark club.

You can download in the interview and hear some of their music below.


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Post interview, the boys went on to do a storming set for the Reading crowd amongst a very strong line up; they played with flair, panache and real showmanship. The crowd was won over and taken enthusiastically through the songs on their set that did justice to their great love of the historic local club.The following songs, available from, were used with the kind permission of the band.

  1. Feeling It Once Again
  2. Take The Time
  3. Won’t Let Us Down

An Apology: During the interview I said that Cherokee were massacred at Sand Creek. I was wrong, it was in fact members of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes.

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