Gay For Johnny Depp – Erotically Charged Dance Songs For The Desperate

Shrouded in mystery, this five track, ten minute EP may or may not feature members of Garrison and Instruction. All I can be sure of is that this is the best hardcore record I’ve heard in a very long time.

Lyrically, the songs mainly contain political rants and violent homosexual advances towards Johnny Depp. When that’s not going on you get the odd carefully targeted piece of vitriol against certain members of society (for example, cool kids on Kill The Cool Kids).

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Anyone who thinks that looping a sample and adding delay to it is clever (I do) will have a field day with the EP’s final track, He Loved It So Much He Went Mad; the rest of you will have to make do with four short songs that will make you desperately wish this was an album

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Label: Firefly Recordings
Websites: |
Release date: 12th July 2004


  • Kill The Cool Kids
  • Lights Out!
  • She Said, “I Like This One.”
  • At Least Be A Target
  • He Loved It So Much He Went Mad

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