Funeral For A Friend – Spilling Blood In 8mm (DVD Review)

Funeral For A Friend’s rise to stardom singe the release of the Between Order & Model EP in late 2002 has been nothing short of meteoric.

Last year, following the release of their debut album, Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation, and rave reviews from across the music press, the band topped readers polls left right and centre (just beaten in the IF best album readers poll by The Mars Volta) and with this DVD filling the void between album, they don’t look like coming back down to Earth just yet.

The main attraction is obviously the live show. Filmed in London earlier this year, the opening is not strong but the band quickly pick up the pace and prove themselves as one of the UK’s top live acts. The energy stays at full capacity for the 40 minute duration with plenty of interaction with the audience.


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In addition to this, there are 5 fairly uninteresting video (with fairly uninteresting introductions from vocalist Matt Davies and drummer Ryan Richards), the much better trilogy of videos shot for the band’s download singles, a short tour documentary (which the usual on the road antics, including slapping a fan in the face at his own request), a discography and a chronology of the band’s career leading up to this DVD.

There isn’t actually as much on Spilling Blood In 8mm as it may initially appear but it’s available at a knockdown price and what it there is sure to keep fans happy.

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Label: Infectious
Release date: 20th September 2004

DVD Contents:

  • Promos
  • Trilogy
  • Live
  • Tour Documentary
  • Discography
  • Chronology
  • Credits

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