Franz Ferdinand – The Fallen/L. Wells (CD Review)

The spring brings us a new Easter tale in ‘The Fallen’. According to Alex Kapranos this new single from their multi-million selling album is ‘..about someone I know coming back as the reincarnation of Christ, and imagining what they would do. In this my case turning water into wine & getting it on with Mary Magdalene.’. Fair enough I say. The heavy pop guitars are still present and the catchy little riff bobs about in my head while the lyrics are memorable while drunk – a sure-fire hit in my books!

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There is a brutally deconstructed remix my French outfit Justice that bears little relation to the original and sounds like the sugarhill gang run through a blender and served on a bed of freshly cut rock guitar.

Label : Domino

Release Date : 03 April 2006

Website :


    7″ 1

  • The Fallen (original version)
  • L.Wells

    7″ 2

  • The Fallen (Ruined by Justice)
  • L.Wells
  • Brown Onions


  • The Fallen (edit)
  • L.Wells
  • Jeremy Fraser
  • The Fallen (Ruined By Justice)
  • The Fallen (video)

Franz Ferdinand are: Bob Hardy (bass), Nick McCarthy (guitar / keyboards / vocal), Alex Kapranos (vocals / guitar) & Paul Thomson (drums).

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