Frankie Machine – Re-Unmelt My Heart (CD Review)

Frankie Machine has been making achingly beautiful music for many years now and they have not let me down with their third album. ‘Re-unmelt My Heart’, like its predecessors, has an innocent sound; a purity it wears on its sleeve. This gentleness is enhanced by the aura of intimacy generated by the songs. Many acts have try to create this sound for torch songs and ballads but very, very, few master the balance of hope and resignation that Frankie Machine conjures with apparent ease. These songs do anything but depress you, their calmness overrides any negativity. There is humour too; it is quiet and sometimes bizarre, but always charming.


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From the titular tracks plea for romantic rescue to the epic scope of ‘The Three Doctors’ Frankie masterfully guides you along with a combination of village folk, understated space age sounds, subtle samples and indie vibes. This album is a worthy successor to ‘Francis Albert Machine & Friends’ (2001) and ‘I Love You And I Don’t Want You To Die’ (2004) and if it doesn’t re-unmelt your heart then I’m sorry, you are way beyond help.

Label : Artists Against Success

Release Date : 25 October 2004

Website :


  • Re-unmelt My Heart
  • The Self-Made Man
  • Freckles
  • Why Are You #2
  • Take Up With A Mermaid
  • Not Even If You Mean It
  • Funny Looking Clever
  • Black Eyes #3
  • Soi-Disant G-Inst
  • KmC
  • Empty 00:00
  • Why Don’t You Want Me Frankie?
  • The Three Doctors

Frankie Machine are Frankie Machine, Joanne Mordey, Gary Thatcher, Julian Berry and Stephen Woodward.

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