Frankie Machine – Francis Albert Machine and Friends

How can I describe Frankie Machine? I could say they are Nick Drake but less hippy? A purer sounding, and definately downsized, Belle & Sebastian? Mazzy Star with intelligible vocals?

All that is approximation you understand. The real Frankie Machine are not a pick and mix of twee indie heroes; but inventive, heartfelt, warming, humerous, delicate, suprising and, well, special. All of these songs seem familliar, not plaguarised, but like old friends or childhood memories that make you feel warm or misty eyed.

The songs concern themselves, in the main, with that mainstay of all great music – Love. We have the tenderness of new love, the bordom of Not-Quite-Right love and the pain of losing love. Each one lyrically polished and beatifully accompanied (the very many talented friends of the title).

I can find no faults in these songs, except that they all finish way too soon. Frankie Machine clearly live by the adage ‘Always leave your audience wanting more’ because the album stops just at the point you are really hooked. If you don’t buy, love, and treasure this album you are a cynical heartless fool.

And yes, Vibration White Finger sounds very much like you think it would…

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Label : Artists Against Success

Release Date : Out Now

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  • 54th & 3rd
  • Gwiazadami Na Woozie
  • First Born Jesus
  • Any Gaps?
  • The Beatings Of My Heart
  • The French Guy I & II
  • Gyproque
  • Los Gatos:Midnight
  • Burning The Bodies
  • Many To Many
  • The Black Map
  • Vibration White Finger
  • To Completion Without
  • We Are Jigsaw
  • 1:07
  • Tragic Love, Easy Meat
  • Eighteen Seventy Three
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