Frank Turner – Sleep Is For The Week (CD Review)

Sleep Is for the WeekThis album is the new departure by the ex-frontman of Million Dead. Frank has moved into a more strum-based and folky arena with a rather self obcessed line in lyrics. The new sound is like the Levellers but without the spark of crusty angst and apparently feeling quite hard done by.

This is a bit of a surprise coming from a member of the screamingly loud Million Dead. I was expecting more of a aggressive take in line with some of the more spiky antifolk acts.

Unfortunately, the album falls rather flat; both lyrically and musically. The songs are occupying a middle ground between the mundane and aspirational that can irritate with ease.

Label: Xtra Mile


1. Real Damage
2. Vital Signs
3. Romantic Fatigue
4. Decent Cup Of Tea
5. Father’s Day
6. Worse Things Happen At Sea
7. My Kingdom For A Horse
8. Back In The Day
9. Once We Were Anarchists
10. Wisdom Teeth
11. Ladies Of London Town
12. Must Try Harder
13. Ballad Of Me And My Friends

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