Francis Albert Machine – I Love You And I Don’t Want You To Die

Frankie Machine’s first US release (on Chocolate Hearts) is a collection of all the songs from the three singles released by Artists Against Success and numerous tracks taken from compilations released on a variety of UK labels. Unless you are the most hardcore of hardcore fans who has been particularly hardcore in your fandom it is unlikely that you will have heard the majority of the songs on this release and British enthusiasts will be glad to know that there will be a limited domestic distribution of this compilation.

Frankie’s songs are soft and melodic acoustic that are always beautifully written with perfect lyrics that deal with love, loss and problems in the open and honest way you wish your friends would open up to you and you wish you could speak to them. Lyrics like ‘She told me again she preferred circumcised men/Why is loving her always such an operation?’ (Either Or The Both Of Us) are typical his style and tendency towards the slightly strange.

This record is so perfect it’s hard to believe it’s a collection of songs recorded over five years and not a proper album. I’ve been listening to it continuously since I got it and I think I will continue to do so for a long time to come. This is the album I’m taking with me to my desert island.

Frankie’s second proper album, Re-Unmelt My Heart, will be released in August.

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Label: Chocolate Hearts


Release date: 31st May 2004


  • Why Are You #1
  • Nineteen Seventy Three
  • Johnny Is Throwing A Ball
  • Don’t Be A Robot
  • The Struggle
  • I Invented The Walkwoman
  • No Good Charming A Broken Snake
  • I Didn’t Understand It So I Gave It A Name
  • The Cause Of Hysteria
  • The Clue Is In The Question
  • Just Because I Am
  • Either Or The Both Of Us
  • The Film I Never Made
  • Rhumba For The Mainframe
  • Happy/Sadistic
  • St. Agnes Day Epilogue
  • The Smoking Gun
  • Commercial Zenith
  • Tragic Love. Easy Listening
  • No Love Boat
  • Every Sunday Morning
  • The Sun Behind Clouds
  • Animated Still
  • The Equal & The Opposites Attract
  • Howl Girl Catch
  • 54th & 3rd (Single Version)

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