Four Day Hombre – Experiments In Music (CD Review)

Four Day Hombre’s debut album is an unchallenging listen. It takes serious effort not to be distracted by your surroundings and to concentrate on the songs. The music undulates gently like a series of lullaby’s and the high and breathy vocals are so even in tone that it is very much like listening to a boring lecture in a very hot room. There are guitar pieces that crash like a mighty wave on you, and are normally accompanied by some screaming – this is all that breaks up the monotony.

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I would go into the tracks individually but after persevering and listening to the album over and over again I can only say that they really all do sound the same. If you like one of the previous singles then you’ll like the whole album.

Label : Alamo

Release Date : 13 March 2006

Website :


  • First Word Is The Hardest
  • Don’t Go Gently
  • Single Room
  • Flame
  • Mr M
  • Thirteenth Of The Month
  • Boy
  • 1000 Bulbs
  • Inertia
  • Three Years

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