Forget Cassettes debut UK tour and album

Salt‘SALT’ out April 2nd 2007 (Tangled Up! Records)

Forget Cassettes originally formed in Nashville in 2002 as a two-piece with Beth Cameron and Doni Schroader. An anomaly in the Nashville music scene, a band led by a guitar-wielding female, Forget Cassettes knew how to make great rock. There was no way to categorize them, no genre in which to place them; it was rock in its purest, most unadulterated form.

Their debut album on Theory 8 Records entitled Instruments of Action, charted at #60 on the CMJ Top 200, brought them a 30 date tour with Interscope recording artist Trail of Dead and allowed them to showcase at the CMJ New Music Marathon in New York City in 2005 and 2006 winning over fans with their raw and ferocious live sets. When Doni resigned the band to join Trail of Dead full time on tour, Beth added two new band members, drummer Aaron Ford and multi-instrumentalist Jay Leo Phillips to broaden Forget Cassettes musical range. In 2006, bassist Jay Phillips left Forget Cassettes to focus on his band, Apollo Up! and drummer Aaron Ford accepted a touring position with Bobby Bare, Jr.

Never bothered by a challenge, Beth is now touring Europe with Forget Cassettes as a two piece featuring original drummer Doni Schroader on drums and keys, opening for Trail of Dead on 25 dates.

The two elements that comprise salt, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl), are considered two of the most volatile in the periodic table. When they combine to form salt, instead of creating another unpredictable ion, they become one of the most versatile, stable compounds. Salt is an integral part of the ocean.The great mass of ocean that engulfs the earth can often also be a source of trauma, as witnessed by the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in September 2005.

This city is a bad lover/ To quick and inattentive/ Lets sink this city and build ourselves / Over, sings Beth Cameron on, The Catch from the bands upcoming Tangled Up! release, Salt. An attack of sorts on FEMAs response to New Orleans, The Catch, says Beth, is just about cities and how we form relationships with them¦and when a city doesn’t come through like we feel it should have, we crucify it.

It is not easy to brand Forget Cassettes as any one thing. It seems that they pride themselves on their chameleon-like music that sheds so many skins in minutes. Many of the songs on Salt address ideas of love disappeared and faded, a universal theme familiar to most. While it may feel that during circumstances like these that we will cry ourselves an ocean, it is important to remember that Salt is often put on wounds to make them heal. Sometimes it has to hurt in order to become better. It feels like Beth Camerons Forget Cassettes wants us to feel that pain, to taste the salt of her tears, but to know that change comes from destruction. Sometimes rebuilding those pillars is the only way to continue.

12 Birmingham Academy
13 Dublin TBMC
14 Glasgow Oran Mor
15 Manchester Academy 3
17 Leeds Cockpit
18 Bristol Thekla Social
19 Oxford Zodiac
20 London Koko
22 Brighton Concorde II
23 Northampton Roadmender
24 Liverpool Carling Academy
25 Nottingham Rescue Room

They’re aggressive and angsty, even emotional, without Xeroxing the same “post” -everything posture that’s popular among critic-savvy groups.’ Dusted Magazine

Noisily melodic garage punk fronted by tiny singer Beth Cameron, whose purring wails falls between PJ Harvey and Karen O’ Spin Magazine
‘Indie is the way you listen to, think of, read and write about music’

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