50 Foot Wave – Bug

50 Foot Wave is a departure from the recent solo projects of Kristin Hersh, ‘The Grotto’ and ‘Sunny Border Blue’ were characterised by their delicate charm.

With 50 Foot Wave the delicacy has gone right out of the window and good hard rock has taken its place. ‘Bug’ is the first release from this new incarnation and is six blistering songs made up of feedback and frenetic energy. Beginning with the gloriously noisy title track and not stopping, or ever showing signs of dropping, the pace until a slightly slower segment in ‘Long Painting’. This is far harder than the Throwing Muses ever were, and fun with it.

The best news is that the band plan to release what sounds like a mini album on CD every 9 months or so, as well as a planning to do 100 odd gigs a year.

Label : 4AD

Release Date : 03 May 2004

Website : www.50footwave.com


  • Bug
  • Clara Bow
  • Long Painting
  • Glory Weed
  • Lavender
  • Dog Days

50 Foot Wave are : Kristin Hersh (guitar, vocals), Bernard Georges (bass), and Rob Ahlers (drums).

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