Five Knuckle – Balance

Discordant punk Five Knuckle’s second album for Household Name Records finds
them angry as ever and ready to put the world to rights. Influenced by bands
link Minor Threat, Anti-flag, Ensign and Chocking Victim, the band spent two
years perfecting the songs in the live arena before entering the studio, and
it’s clear how much this has helped the anarchic sound of this album.

The theme running through all the songs on Balance is political and social commentary.
If you don’t like being preached at in your music then you’d probably better
steer clear. Maybe you could go and sit down and contemplate why you ignore
injustice and don’t vote in elections instead.
Five Knuckle are touring everywhere for the rest of their lives.

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Label: Household Name Records
Websites: |

Release date: 3 May 2004


  • The Rise And Fall (?) Of Corporate Rule
  • Not In My Name
  • The Fake Escape
  • People Not Numbers
  • Lost In Thought
  • A Dirty Word Starting With The Letter C
  • Action Speaks Louder
  • T.P.R.
  • Circles
  • Slank
  • Cautious Steps
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