Five Deez – Kommunicator (CD Review)

‘Kommunicator’ is the third album from the hip hop four piece called Five Deez. The music is hypnotic with muffled beats and spiralling sounds around the rapping. The sounds and samples that are brought in to the mix are unusually melodic, balancing the tone of some of the harsher words. Not that the lyrics are offensive, they are largely positive – if listless and angry at times. What strikes me is the amount of experimental electronica and old school sounds that co-exist so successfully.

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I’ll confess that the Cincinnati hip hop scene is a new one on me. However, if this is anything to go by then I think I am going to have to dig deeper to see what other gems I can dig up.

Label : Rapster

Release Date : 27 February 2006

Website :


  • Kommunicator [6:09]
  • Fugg That [4:05]
  • Let The People Know [3:38]
  • Black Rushmore [4:33]
  • When The Silence Is Gone [5:17]
  • So Good [4:02]
  • Fifth Degree [5:52]
  • BMW [4:27]
  • From Sorrow [3:41]
  • Sapphire [5:29]
  • The Last Time [3:56]

Five Deez are Fat Jon, Pase Rock, Kyle David, and Sonic

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