Firstborn – The Face In The Frame EP

Firstborn have been knocking around Hertfordshire for a number of years under various names and line-ups (one of which spawned what is now Aconite Thrill), the only constants being Simon Jack on vocals and Chris Mills on guitar. Their comfort together is apparent on this impressive debut, which takes in the sound of bands like Hundred Reasons and Funeral For A Friend with a nod back to mid-nineties rock and metal. The meld is even more impressive when you find out that overdubs and vocals were recorded in various SikTh member’s living rooms and bedrooms. The only time it slips is the occasional moment in Nick Taylor’s drums. This is most noticeable on the chorus of Nine Mile Burn, where the drums seem to slow down and drag the whole song back. That gripe aside, I am certain that this band are going to make a lot of people very happy.

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Label: Infernal Records

Release date: 10th May 2004


  • Nine Mile Burn
  • Last Week
  • The Picture Perfect Myth
  • One Deed
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