Feature Cast – Channel Surfing

You’ll have probably heard this without realising it. This number has been behind a series of ads for Apples iPod on the telly. It features Kool Keith and is a blinding combination of infectious funk, blasting horn and arching acid synth. It is getting a 12″ release on the back of its inclusion on the re-released ‘Straight Out The Cat Litter: Scoop 3’ compilation.

Catskills:Projects! is a new offshoot of Brighton’s Catskills Records. It exists so that their artists can return, in a small way to the hit and run tactics of old; a simple 12″ pressing of a track they know is good without the hassle of big marketing campaigns. They have definitely started as they mean to go on!

Label : Catskills:Projects!

Release Date : 17 May 2004

Website : www.catskillsrecords.com

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